Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dragging my home

Photographed by Audie C Photography
Washington DC - Summer 2012

Presently I am truly homeless. Sure, I use the term nomadic and could have a home if I chose to, but with the rapid pace of my current schedule and my impending departure out of the country, renting an apartment and setting a base seems impractical. My car has three homes in several parts of the country - Texas, North Carolina and now Massachusetts as well. As for my possessions, they are either carried upon my back or in my arms, stowed away in my car, splattered throughout my legal residence in Texas, and there are certainly a few items which are strewn across the universe of photographers' and friends' homes.

These past four days I have slept on 4 couches in NYC and have been carting around my suitcase on a daily basis. I am relieved to finally have a place to stay for the next three nights. This place is precisely where I am perched with a bowl of thai leftovers for a much needed dinner. I spent the morning walking with my backpacks (yes, two) on my back and chest and sincerely believe I walked about 4 miles. The decision to walk far, when public transportation is an option, is a habit that is not too uncommon for me and likely is a contributing factor to my leg muscles and leanness).

I under anticipated the craziness which is NYC and wish I had longer, but can find some consolation in the fact that I will be returning for another quick week in October.

Last night making the trek to Manhattan from Brooklyn did not sound appealing at midnight when a long shoot which involved me looking very 1960s and ironing in pin-up garb came to an end, so I camped out where I had shot. This was not my first time for a spontaneous stay over on a couch (clearly) and I was adequately prepared sans contact lens case. Fortunately a bit of ingenuity involving tea cups and way too much saline solution allowed me to keep my contact lenses hydrated all night. At least I remembered my toothbrush (or one of them - the other I had left at another photographer's home the other day).

Turtles are one of my favorite animals. Perchance there is a connection...


  1. "Home again, home again like a turtle to it's balcony. And you know where that's at."

    Richard Brautigan