Sunday, December 9, 2012


Australia used to be where I ran away from to escape the beginnings of the cold season in the US and avoid a couple of weeks of holiday buzz, but on this trip the same things I sought to free myself of are strong around me. I am glad to see my friends out here - after three previous trips in the past couple of years I have a small network of people I truly relish seeing in this country and these people are what brought me out here this year. The ticket price was higher than ever and surprising my family for Thanksgiving pushed my trip one week later than I would have liked, but to see these friends I jumped and made the trip out to Australia a fourth time. Unfortunately this year the timing seems wrong, which is part of the business with modeling trips, and a large portion of the photographers I usually enjoy shooting with have schedule conflicts preventing collaborations on this trip. The shoots I have had thus far have been good ones though and I will continue to find joy in my trip even if I may spend more time drinking lattes than posing nude and creating art.

 Photographed by Jon Mann
Brooklyn, NYC - Fall 2012

I am currently seeking some models to photograph while out here, but one difficulty of being on the road is that I have to rely on others to have a shooting location available, as I am less familiar with decent outdoors locations and do not have my own home to bring models to for shoots.


  1. If you are still there, Check out this model that I worked with in Vegas.