Saturday, December 29, 2012


Old Mine Floor
Scott Nichol
Rossland, Canada - August 2012

Yesterday I got shot.

This is a statement which considering the recent events in the media might immediately evoke thoughts of guns and horror. And to models and photographers we just shrug our shoulders and go, "well of course you modeled yesterday." But neither apply in this case, as yesterday was my appointment at the Adult Immunization Clinic in San Francisco where I received my yellow fever vaccine in my left arm. Yes, that kind of shot.

I now have a whole handbook with information on the many diseases in third world South American countries and in some of the more luscious rainforest regions of the continent. I'm working on my typhoid vaccine (taken orally) and will be returning to the clinic in a few weeks to pick up prescriptions for malaria, altitude sickness and other ailments which I will potentially be facing with my exposure to less than sanitary conditions  and new environments. January will be my month to prepare and I am realizing that planning to be gone 8 - 9 months and living on the road with only my backpacks will require an abundance of preparation.


  1. You are one hardy traveler, Keira! I'm having trouble imagining being away from home for the six weeks it'll take me to travel to Spain and hike The Way of St. James.

  2. This amount of traveling is not a lifestyle for everyone, but the constant motion is partly something which I am drawn to. As far as my trip to South America goes, I too feel a bit of aprehesion, but this is part of the appeal.