Tuesday, January 29, 2013

10 Days

Photographed by Glenn McGuire
NYC, NY - 2011
With the taste of salt and chocolate fading from my mouth, I feel the pull of slumber on my eyes. If my counting is accurate I have 10 days until my departure for South America, which is not much time at all in my world. Most of my days and nights are accounted for in my remaining San Francisco time and I have another handful of things to collect to throw into my large backpacking pack and sort out before phone calls to the United States become unbearably expensive.

Today I filled some prescriptions for South American essentials. And at the end of the day the only thing I feel I ended up with was a prick in the arm and a set of camping silverware. The prick of course was in the form of an updated Hepatitis A shot, rather than any other form.

But I must have accomplished one other thing, as while I sit and type, digesting my beer and day's events, I see the flickering of my new iphone 4. My contacts have not all switched over, yet, but I am feeling optimistic about having a newer phone on hand for internet use in cafes while on my trip.


  1. Happy trails! Or, in the words of Richard Brautigan, "Home again home again, like a turtle to his balcony."

  2. Watch the data charges with the iphone!!

  3. Walter, rest assured my data will be absolutely off. I've actually already put in a suspension to commence on February 10 and last 6 months.