Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I am pretty pleased

Yesterday I found myself wound up - I woke up rested and blissfully not hung over after a rather moderate New Year's eve comedy show, and sipping on a cup of high octane coffee in my best friend's home. I plunged into the great airfare search and started thinking about South America, and soon my heart was quickening and I needed to get out of the animal filled room and breathe in the calm of the cold outside. I could not walk away from myself, but I could go on a walk and mellow out.

Photographed by David N
Berkeley, CA - Fall 2012

That was yesterday morning. The afternoon was radically different and included a bit of cooking, another cold walk outside, a hot shower, and an evening at the McMenamins Kennedy school for shooting pool, a couple of beers and a movie. I had never been to that place before but found the theater rather cozy, with the array of couches and individual comfy chairs, and an occasional end table to set food and beverages on. Seeing as I went with my best friend and her husband, I got to have my own couch during the movie. You would not have wanted to sit next to me as I probably threw a wee bit too much popcorn all over my lap. :) 

As for today, by 9:47 am I could make this announcement...
I have my tickets to Bolivia! I also have my tickets from Venezuela back to Houston! I know often models talk about retiring or doing things other than modeling, and so often these plans never come into fruition. I also know last year I spoke of doing a large South American trip which never happened this year and a few people are a bit dubious of my ability to follow through. But this time the trip will happen. I planned a light work schedule this January with the express purpose of getting a few things together, have talked the trip up, and golly gosh I am going!

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