Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Luxury Comedy

Every time I return home to Houston I find myself unpacking and repacking pretty much the same belongings but in various orders or levels of cleanliness. Sometimes I may have a couple of extra heels or bits of "sexy-slutty" wear for shoots, or a more or less clothes of the practical nature, but one thing is certain, my throwing my items in and out of my dilapidated suitcase is rather inefficient but not entirely without humor.

Last night I sat down and essential painted the same face twice, but with a rather different flair each time. While I do not claim to be a painter in any way, shape, or form, my lack of training in the painting department allows me to create with a child-like thrill and simplicity.

Seeing as I barely have a home, I absolutely do not have a TV. But that doesn't mean I am deprived of the occasional plopping myself on a couch with an entertaining show to watch sort of binge, and I had exactly that two days ago. I am a big fan of "The Mighty Boosh," which is a British comedy that likely you are unfamiliar with and probably would prefer not to watch, and when I found out that Noel Fielding wrote another show, I was thrilled. The humor is a bit wacky (or perhaps that is the largest understatement of the year), the sets have a home-made feel, and I am now a fan of "Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy."

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