Friday, February 8, 2013

LA and the airport

The time is 4 am and I am at LAX. I have been here at the terminal since just past one, having been dropped off and unfortunately unable to check in until 4:30 am. Most of my few hours were spent sprawled on a bench with earplugs blocking out the sound of the cleaning crew and my layers of clothing doing a marginal attempt at keeping my still body warm. Being stuck on the other side of the gate would have been preferable, but I am now feeling slightly rested, my stomach is full from the leftovers I packed from dinner, and a sweet voice is filling the air as another early arriver sings in the corner with her guitar. Since I arrived there have been cranky, weary travellers milling around, feeling highly diagruntled with their status in the in between, but my mood is different. While traveling can mean frustrations at times, those who are in limbo at the airport do not realize the fortune which lays upon many of them - the ability to travel.

I spent my final day in the US with my friend Rebecca Lawrence. Our afternoon and evening in Los Angeles began with a bit of panic about final preparations for my trip, but after that was out of the way we continued with a tour of LA. Venice was first with a visit to the shore for sunset, then an impromptu palm reading. I have long been keen on getting a palm reading for the entertainment value, and at the price point of this wan, I officially had my first palm reading experience. It was about as unmonumental as I expected and I am fairly certain she could not even see our palms in the dark of the room as she glanced down and made jusgements of us based upon our appearance and demeanor. Next was Santa Monica where we looked for parking for much too long and finally settled upon a garage and found Wasteland, which quite possibly is the most fantastic used clothing store I have seen in a while. Seeing as I am going out of the country, I primarily watched Rebecca as she tried on a huge armful of new wardrobe. Dinner time had come, so downtown was next on our tour. With parking accomplished, we settled on a cute restaurant with Brazilian food and wine. The meal was tasty but not as savory as expected. A bar, the Edison, gave us the full LA vibe experience with a live singer and band and two hot dancers. The music was good enough to keep us there watching and listening despite the mediocre drink which had an aftertaste of Flinstones kids vitamins. Watching the people mill around in their perfectly done hair and black dresses on the women and black suits on the men reminded me that I am a bit too casual to be a LA person. Our tour could not end there though - a quick drive through Hollywood capped off our evening before I was brought to the airport where I am now.

And look, I think check in time has just about come. See you on the other side of the gate.

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