Wednesday, February 27, 2013


When I started modeling I grew out an "art model shrubbery," as the market I wanted to work in essentially required that I have a bit of pubic hair coving. Before I commenced modeling I spent some time without pubic hair, and some with, and rather flopped at random every few years because of one reason or another. (One reason being a platonic friend from my nude beach suggesting in passing as I showered and he brushed his teeth, that I should shave and me saying, "ok, hand me a razor," and him grabbing mine from my bag and passing it my way. Afterward he told me he preferred me with my hair, but I didn't much care either way.) I used to be entirely unaware of how different a girl looks with or without hair, as for me the most important features on a lady are not between her legs, but after years of modeling I am far more cognisant of such things. When I see a photo of a nude female model I find a bit of pubic hair can help pull attention away from her lady bits, which often is a plus, but for some erotic art may be a negative.

I started growing out my hair when I realized I would get more of the kind of work I wanted to do, and have a bit of privacy for my female bits in my photos. But also, because I am rather slender and have a sleek but less than curvy form, a bit of texture in the form of my shrubbery seems to break up my lines better so I don't appear to look like a stick. During my time modeling my shrubbery changes a little depending upon my whims and when I cut it, and on occasion in correlation to requests of some specific shooters but I absolutely always maintain some hair. My "shrubbery" is part of my "look," along with my thinness, slim musculature, and big, curly head of hair.
I have grown accustomed to this "look," and have little desire to make great changes in my form, save for maybe becoming a bit stronger and at times leaner (but I'm talking a kilo or two, not much and only after periods of too much chocolate consumption).

I had intended on making my South American journey a year earlier but as life happens, plans change. Before that trip I had talked, mainly in jest, about making a shaved tour, but for some reason felt a level of discomfort with this idea. I'm super comfortable with my body, but after seeing myself so many hours and years with a bit of shrubbery, the idea of photos without sounded less than ideal. Part of me thought that marketing this change could be difficult or confusing or that photographers could change their overall impression of me. All for only chopping off a little bush. I of course did not shave, nor did I go to South America last year, but this year I did.

The day before I departed for La Paz, I shaved off my cherished "shrubbery." I did not do this for any shoots but rather because I could and was curious how I would perceive myself after years of conditioning my concept of my image. Shaving was distressing - I required a strong drink to calm myself. And the view afterwards was a bit unnerving. I officially had taught myself one view of myself and this was quite a change, and not one I liked.

In shedding myself of my art model shrubbery I felt I had removed the Keira nude model from my identity. The next day I would jump on a plane and be far removed from my modeling world.

I immediately allowed my hair to grow back in, and I finally feel comfortable with the meager length of hair I have. I may still only spend 6 days nude a day as I shower and dress, but at least my body is back to Keira Grant standards.

Would I be willing to shave for some shoot in the future? Perhaps. This would depend upon the project and the price tag, as there is a wretched in-between stage where I would be unable to work and honestly, I prefer my image as I usually market myself.

/end "shrubbery" discussion unless you have any questions.


  1. Haha I like the comment above.

    Also, I'm glad this topic came up because I've been kind of struggling with it. I have lady bits that tend to poke out some even with all my attempts to cover it, and a part of me thinks maybe I should grow it out more (but then I can't stand it)and the other part thinks I should just keep it a lot shorter and not try to hide my lady bits. Siiiigh model problems haha.

  2. I am always a bit random. That much would be a bit more evident if I wrote with more frequency which perhaps I shall do.

    As for you, missy, I say do whatever makes you happiest. Completely hiding behind a veil of hair is nearly impossible unless you have a massive amount of bush which is absolutely not for everyone or everyone all the time (not even for me), and even having too much bush can pose annoying problems (bush shadows and weird silhouettes with a side view). The more I model the more I realize that ultimately the amount of hair we have down yonder does not matter much, but that for some people having a little or having none will determine if you work with them.

  3. That's a good insight :} thank you lady