Sunday, May 9, 2010

A bit of glamour

Right now I am too lazy and linguistically tired to write a blog entry, so I decided to post a couple of images from a shoot with Tight Rope Studios in Nashville instead. I think they are pretty great, combining a bit of glamour and fashion, and with the work of MUA Leah Elmquist to fancy up my face. Good MUAs are such a gift.

I am finally pulling together dates for my Chicago to Houston trip, which has proved difficult since there are so many route options. The end is in sight and yet rather far away - I am halfway through with my 3 month tour.

To continue with the random...
I am a person who wants to know many things. My most recent question was, "can you hold procrastination?" Sometimes I wonder. About me and my questions. :)


  1. Those pictures just take my breath away. Seriously beautiful stuff.

  2. Very glamourous shot.
    Great job!

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