Thursday, May 6, 2010

To the moon and back

Some people I have met on this journey have become special to me even if I have only shared a few hours with them. Some make me think and feel thoughts which I knew where somewhere inside me, but was unable to really embrace. While meeting up with my friends Ned and Aya Rosen it became clear to me what I really want to be doing at this moment in my life - traveling around the country. Prolonging my freedom and adventure. It may appear I am already doing precisely this, but my plans stretch further. Instead of hiking down from Chicago to Texas in July, I want to keep driving to the West. A full loop of the country, having a chance to visit places I have never visited before. A chance to be in each city for a couple of extra days, with more time to experience the people, the place, and to just exist. But I have commitments and people I love in Texas who are beckoning me back. My car is my spaceship and I want to travel to the moon, but can this be done when there are others to think about?

I want to live this to the fullest. And then I want to continue with my life.

Photos by Little Ghost of Arlington, Virginia.


  1. This foto with the flowers is very nice lady. Your poses are so good and every little muscle in your body shows. Do you workout or just have a hyper metabolism to stay this thin and tight?

  2. West is the best:) come and play!