Monday, May 17, 2010


A weekend full of workshops. One in NYC closely followed by one in Chambersburg, PA - I feel properly introduced to the experience of a workshop setting. Thank you everyone who shot me there, as always, I love broadening my shooting experiences and meeting new people (especially when they are fun and good photographers!).
The energy at the Stan Goldstein workshop was high, with three models and a minimum of over a dozen photographers in the studio at any one time. The Billy Monday workshop was in a historical prison location in Chambersburg - a place with too many shooting locations to fully explore in one day. Four models and a little over double the photographers floated in and out of rooms, shooting in the dungeon, out in the garden, in the cells, on the grounds, shooting in the nude, in shackles and in elegant hats. I survived, and thrived, with a smile on my face (wait, art models don't smile, do they?). I am officially ready to give my body a day off from toe standing and contortions, even if I still have a four hour drive back to NYC this afternoon.

Five weeks ago I was shooting in Atlanta, and I have been on the go since. When Eric (second photo) and Photos by KC (first photo) and I jetted outside, I was in my element modeling right off the view of the road at an old farmhouse.


  1. The workshop sounded like a good time.
    love your expression on this shot...
    stay well Gypsy

  2. Why thank you. That image is from almost a year ago, when I started my gypsy life.

  3. I met Stan a few months ago in Houston. I can understand what the energy level (and the amount of funny, dry humor)must have been like. I swear he must be related to Einstein.