Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This morning marked the start of my return home to Texas as I headed west to Syracuse from Boston. My first trip to Boston was a great success. I had numerous wonderful shoots and got a chance to finally spend time with my Aunt as an adult. My traveling is allowing me to not only meet new people across the country, but visit with my family who lives on the opposite coast. Although my great Aunt (not to be confused with my Aunt) thinks I am exploiting my body and asked me, "are you sure you are not doing porn?" after viewing a photo in full coverage lingerie, I know spending time with my relatives is important. From quirky conceptual photos, to art nudes in a studio and in the woods with thousands of insects, to editorial stories, to bubble bath photos, to nude fashion - I got to cover quite a spectrum of photo styles on my trip to Boston.

Two months and about a month to to go. Tonight is my night off - I intend on luxuriating in my own space for the night. In the nude of course.

Photos by Kris Rodammer, who I got to spend a couple of fantastic days with this past weekend - fashion styling from overflowing bags of goodwill clothing, shooting, eating pastries, sitting in traffic while a fife and drum band marched on, and relationship counseling (did I ever tell you I am part time model, part time counselor? - now that's an idea!).

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  1. Dear Keira, From Nettie's beautiful blog to your beautiful blog, we connect, however awkwardly I stumble. Your blog is wonderful to read. I love your thoughts as well as your images. I, too, love to shop at Goodwills. One finds such amazing treasures, even fine vintage. I knew I missed a beautiful chance to photograph you. I am so sorry. I love your poems and envy your wandering life. Your sweet candor about yourself and life is so refreshing. You are truly a wonderful person. "Artful passion and analytical thinking" can bridge a person into being a beautiful human being. As the Moody Blues once sang, it is "A Question of Balance". Peace to you and thank you for sharing your wonderful journey of coffee and companionship.