Saturday, June 19, 2010


These past few days I have been staying with Tiana Hunter in Chicago. She is an incredible woman. It is such a joy to be around people who live a lifestyle that embraces a personal purity of head and heart and an abundance of experiences.

Last night I was reminded how nice it is to be around my own peer group. So many of my new friendships this past year have been a fair bit older than I am, and while I value these relationships immensely, being in a crowd of young artists who breathe a freshness of passion and struggle is incredibly refreshing.

Yes, I probably sound so very bohemian today. I have renewed zeal for my chosen nomadic lifestyle.

Photo by Chip Willis of Ohio.


  1. Alas, if only you had been with me last weekend. Notsuoh at 5:00 AM is a special place when you sit with the right new friends!