Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I could not possibly be more disorganized, but after 2 months on the road, what do I expect?
I lay here naked with the warmth of my laptop on my thighs and stomach, figuring out a fast return to Texas, the land of the big comfy couch, and consider the minutia of my August west coast trip.

Two days spent in Pittsburgh with a friend, a bit of modeling, shopping for random wardrobe, fine dining and greasy dinner food, new drink introductions, fat rain and a general introduction to the area have almost come to an end.

Photo by my good friend, magician and exciting photographer in New Jersey, Michael Randazzo.


  1. Ah thanks Keira. You are the sweetest thing.

  2. If you come to the West Coast in August (especially if it's late August and your itinerary includes Portland) let me know. :)

  3. Mark, indeed my schedule does include Portland in late August. :)