Thursday, October 28, 2010


Photographed by Adam Robertson
Mission Beach, Australia - October 2010

My wildlife experience on this trip has been an interesting one. Up in Queensland a young crocodile smacked me in the face with his head, I fed some kangaroos and a wallaby, heard the kookaburra's laugh, saw the legendary cassowary, pet some dingos, and as of today, curled nude around a couple of birds that had washed up on shore having not survived their long migration.

It is official - my trip here is much too short. I depart on Tuesday - what remains is my quest to see more of the "cute" areas of Sydney, try the Morton Bay bug, have a few good drinks, and of course, do more shooting.


  1. I’m sure the wildlife found it an equally splendid experience encountering you, at least the live ones. Wishing you a safe and enjoyable journey back to the States.

  2. Thank you Mark. The crocodile did not seem to appreciate me, but having his mouth taped shut and couldn't have been very enjoyable either. :P