Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Trenary Toast

Photographed by KMann Photo
Model in foreground - Georgia of Seattle
Seattle, WA - September 2010

A friend of mine thinks I need to blog food, coffee, drinks, people and general travels. I spend enough time on the computer setting up my schedule details when not actually at shoots that my nomadic modeling lifestyle is truly full time. If I wanted to find time to go to the gym and get into trouble there would be no time for this additional blog.

But if I had the time, I could introduce you to the Upper Peninsula's culinary specialty, "the trenary toast." A cinnamon toast crunch (as in the cereal) flavored food, that does not stand up against sogginess when chopped into pieces and mixed with milk (yes, I tried this), and would not be my choice when given the option of a toast or a crumpet.

I would also discuss my newfound love of rye manhattans.

However, I would avoid any mention of fashion, as my quirky style may suit me well, but perhaps is not for everyone.

And to think I keep being greeted by photographers who remark, "you're so much nicer than I expected."

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