Monday, July 30, 2012

Little Car

Photographed by Stefano Brunesci
Bath, England - June 2012

You may have heard through the grapevine that my car is having issues. And with no car, I have no home on wheels. Fortunately she'll be fixed extremely soon if all goes according to plan and my schedule will have only had a week long hiccup which was remedied through a rental car and an expensive plane flight. All in all, I'm just grateful to find out the problem is something covered under an extended warranty (a cracked engine block is no small repair job or fee) and that she did not explode or break down in the middle of nowhere. I'm also reminded of how many lovely friends I have made over the years of traveling the United States, and appreciate all the help offered to me.

On a side note, my cars have always been woman. I have only had two. One was little, "Putt-Putt," a white '94 Honda Accord. My current car is another Honda, but she has no name. She's a good, little girl and takes me where I need to go, and is patient as could be when I leave her for months at a time in Texas, North Carolina and once in Rhode Island.


  1. Cars a great little things - things we become very attached to over time. And I remember when I had my 1981 Toyota Celica Liftback years ago. I called her 'Little Vroom'; a name nobody knew I called her until I sold her last year to a wreckers. I haven't driven her in over 9 years due to my medical condition and once it was under control, my car was no longer driveable... so we had no choice but to sell it. Heartbreaking, but it was a good relief that somebody can use her parts for another car - particularly the engine.

    However, my Little Vroom took me all kinds of places, could house me for the night if needs be, and once the seats were folded down, could fit in a lot of gear for transport. I once fitted in a very big mountain bike and took a guy home when it poured rain one night because I didn't want him getting run over (he hadn't no lights on his bike) and it was on my way to my place. His family was very appreciative of what I did, and were amazed at the sized of the trunk/boot of my car... and that's why I loved my car. It could fit in more than most cars. :D

    I really have to write something about my car - seeing it's the only one I've had - as it was a good one to drive. :D

  2. Been awhile since I visited. Glad I did this evening so I could catch up with your escapades.
    Wonderful stuff.