Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Alligators, chickens and closets oh my

Several days ago I took a day trip over to San Antonio for a couple of shoots and had the opportunity to catch up with a photographer friend, David Boisvert. For our previous shoot I sported sooty nipples, big fake eyelashes, black nail polish and explored being vampy. There was no shooting this time, but he fed me vegetables and wine, and introduced me to some bad horror films with nude Italian supermodel zombies. Next time I foresee more cultural introductions and creative concepts.

When I walked into the shoot location for a shoot with Krist Mann, I immediately knew the afternoon would be exciting. With an inspiring location and photographer, and blazing opera on the radio, the entire shoot was a high. When I returned home from the shoot, I drew an abstract version of the corner art installation in the home, my hands scribbling suitcases, branches, alligators, hedgehogs, a weird propeller, things from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, wreaths, mannequins, a vacuum cleaner bird. The afternoon also featured portraiture with stuffed chickens, a story line about a creeping cricket, and sexier photos on a bed with a cowboy hat. I can never be accused for lacking in the creativity department.

I have always liked small spaces. When I was tiny I would take things out of drawers and sit in them. I grew up a bit and progressed to sitting on the shelves in my closet. Now I can model in tight spaces and it is all part of my job. I did a short figure modeling session under a sink the other day with an artist friend. They were all quick poses, but the idea was to explore poses within a confined space. Give me a box, a small cave, a closet, or a corner and I am rather happy. Perhaps that is why I am not too adverse to the idea of sleeping in my small, cramped car. While on the topic of small modeling spaces, here is a photo by Zeitgeist Photography in Allentown.

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