Saturday, December 5, 2009

Grounded in Houston

The recent change of plans I had for the next couple of weeks of December amuse me. Originally I was going to sublet an apartment in Houston for the three weeks before heading to North Carolina, but then a shoot here and there and the class I was going to take changed all of that and my schedule involved zipping back and forth between Texas cities for the month. Now what is my schedule? Besides a quick trip to San Antonio and a few days in Dallas, this month I am staying put in Houston. Yes, my original plan has come into fruition.

If I keep writing dull posts like this, I’ll be writing to an empty room.

My back by Richard Tallent from Beaumont, TX.
Posted for several reasons.
I am back in Houston.
I turned my back on the Landmark Forum.
And I will be back with more in this entry to fill you in about it all.

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