Thursday, December 17, 2009


Life can be very ironic. I have decided on past returns to Dallas that I had little desire to be here much anymore. My look is not very marketable here where boobs, babes and bikinis seem to prevail and couchsurfing in my old stomping grounds makes me feel like a bum. And yet right now I am busy, constantly figure modeling for art classes and working with photographers.

My couchsurfing experiences feel a bit more proper this time around and almost nostalgic. June 2008 I answered a craigslist ad that resulted in my first proper photoshoot. At that point I had no idea what I was doing and this was the photographer’s first run with a model, but I answered the ad and showed up at the photographer’s door. The next few hours were a bit awkward with us both so new and some of the photos laugh-worthy, but it became the first of many shoots together. Tonight I will be couchsurfing with Greg Hawkins and tomorrow we will shoot again. I am trading photoshoots for the amazing website he built me (

The past two nights I stayed with EZ Cambranis and Julie Robles. A photographer and sculpter couple that I met last summer. EZ and I worked together back when I was toying with nude modeling but afraid of the social ramifications of having nude images out there. This was perfect for his project since he wanted nudes without a face, and my mane of curly hair made for a perfect mask. He gave me a print from an image we did together, and I almost wish I had a home just so I could put the print up for display.

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  1. I love being a part of your adventures. You looked so cute the day I picked you up at the train. A little earthy gypse with her traveling bag with clothes she didn't need because her body was such a work of art.
    Then you laughed at one of my jokes. That was it I know we were meant to be. but I am easy that way. LOL
    Me a photographer and you a fun loving spirit with a creative aditude and ability to make me look so good.
    When I impressed you with Mexican food in NJ, I knew the world was in harmony and the stars aligned.

    LOL Love ya Keira, you are one in a million. You can couch surf here anytime. Don't worry I am not going to stalk you, Just like shooting with someone talented like you.