Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sanitation Rant

I know I asked this previously, but the offer still remains. Anyone need a speckled model?

I have been speckled for about 9 days now. I went to Mississippi for a couple of days of shooting two weeks ago, and am now back in Texas with a not so sweet reminder of my trip. Concealer does the trick for covering the red speckles that adorn my torso, but I should not need to lather myself in make-up to go to a shoot. Facial make-up should be sufficient. I am convinced the allergic reaction is finally fading, but if it persists I will have to give in and hand over the payment for the shoot to a doctor.

This brings me to something I wish all people considered - sanitation and the safety.
I am open to exploring many shoot concepts, even if they sound a little bizarre. Now that I have encountered problems with this attempt to try most things, I will have to be a little more careful. Clearly, Mississippi mud and I did not get along very well. Or maybe it was the paint that was used for my body. I have been body painted before, and never with this reaction. There are some paints that are not appropriate for putting on a model, and "non-toxic" on a label does not denote safe for skin. This sounds like common sense, but repeatedly I have heard of inappropriate paints being used. Some people have more sensitive skin than others, and even if many models have not had a problem with a certain type of paint, it does not mean that no one will. (Surely now I know this!). Bondage is another area that sometimes makes me wary. I have done shoots where a photographer used a rope that has never been cleaned, and wanted to have a piece of the rope come into contact with my lower girly parts. While a loose rope as part of a shibari shoot does not bother me, the idea of the rope being used on another person, and now on me does not bode well in my mind. A sanitized rope or a new one would be a great solution.

I believe I am now finished with this rant.

Whirlwind of a photo by Simon Genry.

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  1. You're fantastic and this shot took my breath away.