Friday, August 5, 2011


Photographed by Noel Marrero
Model Ally
San Jose, CA - July 2011

I have been asked to do an interview, but when staring at the questions all that reaches my brain is static. Favorites? Best? Absolutes can be tough for me.

.... so here are two distinctly different photos from a photoshoot I did in San Jose not long ago. Classical art nudes, quirky art nudes, fetish art, erotic art....there is no favorite with me when it comes to shooting... I like to think I can glide gracefully from genre to genre, posing in such a manner that is most relevant to the situation or request.

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  1. The only absolute is that you would look amazing doing anything. If beauty in art is the goal, why demean the work by chosing favorites when you could pull off wearing a chicken suit.