Monday, August 15, 2011


Coffee break! (I run on coffee)

Lost something? I'll find it

Clearly I make a good table

Photographed by Desmond (Desfolio)
Atlanta, GA - June 2011

In Argentina I would take a night bus as I could fold out my chair into a semi bed and sleep, rather than spend my days feeling crammed on a bus and in order to save a few pesos on a hostel for the night. But red eye flights in the US are not exactly the same. After my flight from Seattle to Raleigh, I found myself needing to rest. But I'm sure my bending, toe pointing and being chipper and photogenic for days have also added to my need for a day to relax and catch up on emails. My east coast trip has commenced and you probably don't know that yet, as my emails are still in the works. So consider yourself informed and let me know when you want to shoot! :)

On the first leg of my flight, I woke at around 3 am to find the chatty older man and young girl on each side of me having a picnic essentially on my lap. Sometimes flights are rather amusing even if exhausting.

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