Friday, August 5, 2011

Sauvie Island

Photographed by Andrew Kaiser
Sauvie Island, Portland, OR - August 2011

Every photographer in Portland is told of Sauvie Island when initially asking about a good place with an abundance of nature, enough privacy to easily shoot nudes or a location with clear permission to be naked, and close proximity to Portland. Somehow until this trip I had never made it to this location. On this trip I found myself there on four separate occasions for shoots. One was in the fields in a nature reserve around sunset, another trespassing in the crops as well as on the nude beach as the sun went down as well, a third at dawn sharing the nude beach with a lone nude fisherman (who I watched catch a fish), and my final shoot in the middle of the day on a kayak in a body of water shallow enough for walking alongside the boat. Surprisingly, I still feel as though I could shoot on this island for days or weeks. Each segment, time of day, and photographer brought a different energy and setting to our shooting and the results of the shoots promise to be varied.

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  1. Sauvie is a wonderful place to shoot, and I enjoyed shooting there with you at dawn. Each time I visit Sauvie it has a different look and feel and the images I produce there differ significantly depending on the weather, the time of day and the location. In only three shoots, you've barely scraped the surface of the island's potential.