Sunday, August 28, 2011

Oh dear!

Photographed by Matthew Schneider
Edited by me
An oldie photo - Portland, Oregon

I have been having a field day editing old photos of myself shot by other photographers.
I need to learn much more about light and get crackin' on my own photos.

Card reader
Larger memory cards
Remote trigger
Light meter?

I once gave advice to a photographer who was planning on decorating his house. It is not recommended to line the interior walls of your home with deer heads and other taxidermy if you intend on dating many vegans, vegetarians or other generally crunchy people.


  1. You might add a shutter timer release to the list. None of those, except the tripod, are very costly and are well worth the investment.

  2. Beautiful image, even with the deer.

  3. Shutter timer? Is that like the timer that is built in on the camera?

  4. haha,yeah it's hard to tell a vegan I may be attracted to or befriend that I work for a meat company. Doesn't go over so well with her :P

    Awesome photo btw!