Wednesday, July 18, 2012

She may be a dork. And it didn't explode.

Photographed by Gregory Brown
London, England - June 2012

Some days I feel my nerdiness has left me, then I see the ideas I come up with when given a room full of props and ultimate creative license for a couple of minutes, and realize I am mistaken.

My car almost exploded two days ago. My thermostat was running on high. I may not know much about vehicles, and I'm convinced I do not have enough mass to change a tire even if I needed to, but I do have enough savvy to pull out the guide book and obey. Fortunately right when I needed to pull over, there were car shops and an automotive store. An exceedingly friendly and helpful customer assisted me, and although I was a bit uneasy during the rest of my drive to my figure modeling session, all was well. Apparently my car was overly thirsty for coolant. Who knew it evaporates over time? Or leaks? I'm probably about due for a tune up with the 65 K miles I have on my car, those are 65 thousand miles, but could also be 65 thousand Keira miles, but I'm wary of the way auto places seem to rip off girls. I think I need to bring my car to a place recommended by a friend, and with a friend, on one of my days off.

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