Monday, July 9, 2012


Two days ago I had the most invigorating shoot. During past shoot with Bob K, there had been mention of this awesome fire spinner who he believed would be a good addition to his 3D photos with me. With elements of fire and a larger number of people involved, setting up a shoot always becomes trickier and discussion of grandeur does not always actualize. We had a large factory space to use, and the scheduling worked perfectly - Spagga, the fire spinner, was available to come by for a short time.

With the debris of the ground swept aside, my hair pulled into a braid to keep it out of the fire's not always completely contained path, the fire extinguishers brought to the set, the lights set up and tested, and a bit of rehearsing choreography, we were cooking.

These unedited photos are from the digital stills - the final products will be the stereo film photos and even more dynamic

Photographed Bob K
Fire Spinner: Spagga


  1. Wow! That's amazing! My brother does fire spinning; and it's always fun to watch him when he gets into it...

    and years ago, I used to live next door to carnival people who had to practice their fire spinning, so did it between old parked cars on their property to make sure they didn't hit anything. This was good practice for them as they became more apt at their work. :D

    *This* must have been brilliant fun! Wish I could have had a go!:D