Sunday, July 8, 2012


I have not disappeared. I have not fallen through a rabbit hole. I just went into an internet free vortex for a while in Europe.

Today my travels in the USA commence again with a trip from Rhode Island to Albany, New York. I will work my way from Albany to Syracuse and Corning and down to Pittsburgh, then to Morrisdale, over to Washington DC, up to Philadelphia, all the way out to Asheville and then east to Raleigh. I foresee some hotels, couches and nights of sleeping in my car. Some days of solid driving, others with me modeling and networking, and a bit of time coming up with new adventures. Pittsburgh is letting me down a bit, but with the way my schedule works I have to find an appropriate place to be between Corning and Morrisdale or within a three hour detour. I am confident I will sort things out.

Troy: July 9 - 12 
Upstate NY/Rochester/Buffalo/Syracuse/Binghampton: July 11-12 
Pittsburg, PA (Or anywhere between Corning and Morrisdale): July 14 - 17 
Morrisdale: July 18 - 19 
Washington DC/Baltimore: July 20 - 24/25 
Asheville/Knoxville: July 26 - 30 
Raleigh, NC: August 1-6 

Photographed by John M
Edinburgh, Scotland - June 2012

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