Friday, July 13, 2012


Photographed by Bob K
Rhode Island - July 2012

Did you know that hotel are now around $80-100 on the cheapest end of the spectrum even when in the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania? I was surprised as well. Tonight I am at the Microtel about an hour and a half outside of Pittsburgh. I have a bit of wine, a can of tuna, a bag of chips, green beans and dried mango. And of course, a cozy room to splay out naked in.

On this trip through upstate New York and the boondocks of Pennsylvania, I am meeting up with photographers I have met several years ago and am able to come out and see every once in a while. I always enjoy seeing them again even if I do have a bit of extra driving to do. Long expanses of road without traffic can sometimes be enjoyable to drive, especially with a good book on CD. Right now I am listing to, "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," at the almost insistent recommendation of a good friend. I'm enjoying hearing the story, so he suggestion was a good one. Today I took advantage of the extra time in my schedule and spent a couple of hours at the Corning Museum of Glass while in town. For three years I have heard about this place, and was always rushing off somewhere else. Something tells me I am the only model to stop there thus far.

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