Saturday, July 17, 2010

On Location

Finding good shooting locations in buildings can be quite a difficult task. Especially as the day progresses, and the Texas police and people who have no tolerance for public nudity, begin to come out to work and play for the day. This week my good friend Greg Hawkins and I set out in search of a place that we could shoot without being arrested.

On a past shoot we had experienced a security guard run in, and were chased out of a parking lot in downtown Dallas on a weekday evening. Perhaps not the most ideal shooting location or time of day for this. Of course on this occasion I was spotted in a robe and claimed to have been posing in a robe. The light-test photos were done in this outfit, so this was not entirely untrue, right? The guard had the audacity to tell us to leave, walk to his car, then turn around to approach me with one final question, "are you wearing underwear under that?" Oy vey.

This week's public shooting proved more successful. After much driving around and burning of fossil fuels, we turned down a magical road that led way to a lot with four abandoned houses. These houses excite and disturb me, with clothes and furniture turned upside down, little kids' shoes lined up, shards of mirror, nests of hornets, and a general state of being left in a hurry. They remind me something of the houses one sees in movies where an epidemic comes through a city and turns the people into zombies, and everyone flees after grabbing a few of their prized possessions or items essential to their lives.

This photo was taken outside of one of these houses, photographed by my dear friend Greg Hawkins.

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  1. “Oy vey” ! What an apropos expression for the efforts of the fine art nude in modern American culture. Worthy expression to be adopted by goyim like me.