Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Cancellations never cease to rile me up. My Friday and Saturday yearn for a shoot.

My call time tomorrow is 5:30 am, I am kicking myself for reading my email and getting snapped into a state of wakefulness.

I look so peaceful in this photo by Barb of the Pendleton group in Indiana. I would like an order of this peacefulness to accompany me on my bed of woven fabric and wood.


  1. The photograph by Barb is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. And you are beautiful, Keira. (I love the way your hair is tenderly tossed behind your lovely left shoulder.) And the quilt looks so lovely, too. The handwork and craft of this wonderful art is truly remarkable and a blessing such women wove their beauty and thought into each, unique quilt. The Midwestern USA is beautiful this time of year, although very hot & humid, but the rows and rows of cornfields lining our country roads only inspires tranquility and that inspiration that only little farm markets bring to the hungry of soul for tender smiles, kind words, polite etiquette one can sometimes only find along these country roads. Shalom