Tuesday, July 27, 2010

People watching

People never cease to amaze me, and I have always enjoyed people watching (much more interesting than birdwatching or watching a pot boil). Yesterday I spent the afternoon in Williamsburg, the evening working with an artist who liked funky poses with big negative space, and the night at a rooftop bar in the Chelsea. The contrast in environment and the accompanying people offered a visually varied day. I also spent the morning with friends I met through modeling, and my night hours spent with a friend I have known since fourth grade.

I am thrilled with these headshots by Jon Resendez of Austin, and proudly say I have come a long way in my makeup skills since junior high when I thought purple was a good shade of lipstick.

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  1. Keira, you have a wondeful style of writing blending simplicity, humor, personality, wisdom, among other lyrical qualities. Please don't stop writing about your travels and your astute observations and sensitive humor that is really very warm and admirable. Shalom.