Friday, July 30, 2010


My schedule is packed, or my schedule lacks. I rarely feel as though there is a middle point, and yet equilibrium is achieved. And I am probably wrong. There must be times of balance. With review this is what I see.

Today was a day of roaming SOHO, shooting, and now I forage for food. A task easily achieved in NYC.

People pull me north and south. Back and forth. Tonight is a simple decision to make - where to go, who to see and when to put on my shoes and head out the door. Easy. For tomorrow and the next day more difficult questions shall wait.

Photos by Steve Azzara. We have worked together a couple of times, both times starting late in the evening and continuing until my eyes were ready to close, with much intermission of socialization. Everyone needs shoots like these sometimes.


  1. The photos by Mr Azzara are, indeed, beautiful. I love your thigh-high stockings. SOHO must be quite interesting and a learning experience. I know it would be for me. The Moody Blues (an old rock and roll band of the 1970s) had an album (before the invention of CDs, etc) called Question of Balance. The band was very mellow, peaceful, and extremely talented musicians and singers (from England I think). Thank you for your blog and thoughts. Take care. Shalom.

  2. He really captured your glamourous look in this set.
    I have seen the Moody Blue twice, once they played with the Cleveland Orchestra. They play a beautiful concert!
    Keep shooting beautiful.