Monday, July 26, 2010

Where do you live?

I have the day off in NYC. While working on trips always takes top priority, and financially it would be excellent to have my schedule packed, there really is something to be said about having an occasional day to bask in a city that is not my own. Of course, at this point no city is "my" city.

The question, "where do you live?" is always a difficult one to answer. People are uncomfortable with the answer, "I live everywhere and nowhere." Equally greeted with discomfort and confusion is the quirky phrase, "I am voluntary homeless." A friend of mine suggested the answer, "I have many homes," which is partially true, yet inaccurate. That phrase evokes in me a picture of people who have multiple seasonal homes, and migrate like the birds. What I have are amazing friends who let me stay with them as I travel - they offer their couches and kindness. Those places where I travel to and already have friends always feel most welcoming.

My list is growing, but I currently feel most at home in Dallas and Houston, New York City, San Francisco, and Portland.

"Where do you live?" Here, there, everywhere. And nowhere.

Photos from a reference photo shoot with artist Howie Doyle of Houston, TX (if you like the photos, you should see his paintings!). Little did I know at that time, that Houston would become one of my "many homes."


  1. Yes, Mr Doyle's photographs are so elegantly done. I love that "color tone", sepia or something it is called. The sunlight refracted off the cut-glass window upon you is lovely and magical. All 3 are beautiful as are you, Keira. It makes no difference really where we set our roots, we are all travelers here on earth, some just more stationary momentarily than others. Thank you and Shalom.

  2. this batch is the color and your very sexy..wish I could see them all!

  3. Smiling at you through unexpected tears. Damn.