Friday, July 23, 2010

Pointing east and west and all around

NYC is a vortex. Full of shiny objects. The people here go, go, go. Trains zipping by underground and above, people bustling here and there. I really like it here. And yet, I have crossed this city off my list of desire for residence, yearning towards San Francisco, as my home for the future. I am not ready yet to be grounded so.

Logic points east for my next apartment. The idea of having a true home base where I can be for a couple of days, before driving to another area and working for a week, appeals to me greatly. The east coast really is the best place for an art model, for when she is not living on couches and in her car.

Photos by Kevin Saunders of San Antonio, Texas. Our first shoot was a dynamic one, but ended with a short session of strictly figure work.