Monday, April 12, 2010


My inspiration level is at a peak. I walked through the door of the ixxxix hotel clad in white vintage dress and knee high boots, what had just passed was part two of an incredible shoot.

Every shoot has a different energy. A photographer brings their ideas, skills, visions and energy to a shoot, and I bring myself – the actress, figure model, human form, and artist. We work work together with the environment, and lighting. I am adept at molding the presentation of myself as model to fit a photographer’s vision, as no one shoot requires exactly the same thing. To me modeling is a chance to create something powerful, an image with a story or beauty, an image with a purpose. Sometimes a photo studies form with light, sometimes it is pure art. My favorite shoots are those where photographer and I become storytellers - sometimes the connection is explosive.

My two day shoot was exactly that. I have now added to my list of modeling experiences and connections that epitomize what this is all about. Thank you Perry.


When I first started modeling I had no desire to have my face photographed. I was comfortable with my body and posed freely, but the very word, “headshot,” stiffened my expression. I had confidence in my body, as I am somewhat of an exhibitionist and nudist and put effort into my appearance with healthy eating and trips to the gym, so the fact that I was exposed to a camera did not phase me. I also knew my hair was pretty awesome. Instead, my vulnerability was induced by photos of my face. Within the past many months I made great headway in my transformation. I realized that there is beauty in my appearance and who I am, and that yes, my body may be photoworthy, but that there is much more to me as a person and model than just a nice form that knows how to twist and bend in pretty shapes. I am thrilled to be seeing the outcome of this newfound confidence.

Photo by Mike Caffrey, from our first day of exceptional shooting.

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