Friday, April 16, 2010

On the fast track

So many cities, so little time. I recently had an epiphany about my east coast tour - in my efforts to not be gone excessively long and still make it up the coast to Boston, my personal touring time will be at a minimum. The temptation to rearrange my plans are strong. Should I stay and potentially have extra touring time, but arrive in Texas later than planned, or rush through with plans to return? The east coast is not going anywhere, I can always drive it, or fly there again. Yes, I'll welcome your advice.

With my always being on the move and not having had a permanent location since last May, aside from a big yellow couch in Houston, many people I meet ask me where I am living. My answer, "I"m a TexiCalifornian." I moved from California to Texas for graduate school and now I simultaneously have no home and yet keep being drawn back to Houston.

Photo by a good friend in Houston, KMannPhoto.

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