Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Today was my designated sleep in day. So what time did I wake at? Seven in the morning after falling asleep after two.

Today was also my day to network for hours on end, but with photos not loading on Model Mayhem, this is an impossibility. There is no way to notify an abundance of photographers who may not even know you exist, let alone know you will be in their city, without some sort of mass e-mail, but I personalize mine. For everyone I e-mail, I look at their work so my words can be genuine. The part about my plans are straightforward and remains the same - there are only so many ways to rewrite this information - but anything I say about the work I have just viewed is true and directed specifically to the photographer and artist. I do not contact everyone whose portfolio I view - some photographers' goals do not align with my mode of modeling in any way. I want the results of my modeling to be art and something to be proud of, and know the people who chose to work with me are striving for the same. To me, this is what makes an art model.


  1. Excellent words. I try and do something very similar when travelling. Make each message genuine for that photographer. Otherwise, it feels fake and like I don't really care to work with them. :)

  2. Yes. Art modeling is not a path to riches. Art anything is not a path to riches. I do this for the adventure, to meet people, and for the chance to create something called art.