Monday, April 19, 2010

Quirky for quirky's sake

Today I was reminded how much I like quirky things. I was waltzing through a store full of knick-knacks, a thrift/vintage/antique store in Raleigh, North Carolina, and saw an overwhelming number of items that I wanted for no particular reason other than to wear for a photoshoot because they interested me. Some of these clothing items may be considered ugly by most people, or completely impractical, but their bizarreness is what appealed to me.

Often my favorite images from a shoot will be those that have something a little different about them. A component or characteristic that draws a reaction from the viewer. The reaction does not always have to be completely positive, as I am convinced not all people respond the same way to art. Sure, a beautiful image will always be a beautiful image, and there are specific aesthetics to follow, but when it comes to a real piece of art, tastes and reactions will vary. When I mention on my MM profile about not needing to make pretty pictures, I speak the truth. With this idea in mind, I am posting a few photos I feel are a little bizarre and less than glamorous. I feel the first one belongs on the cover of a horror film.

I had the opportunity to introduce the amazing world of Trader Joes to a Trader Joes deprived Texan today. When I first moved to Texas from California, I was distraught when I learned this mecca of grocery stores was no where in the entire state, and that no one there even knew what it was. So as I write this blog entry, I am stuffing my face with snapea crisps - which must be healthy since they are in the shape of a pea pod and proclaim, "salad," on the container.

Photos by M in NYC from his electrocution series.


  1. yeah..... I'm going to have to ship rations...

  2. I want to shoot you festooned with snapea crisps. The are pea-flavored Cheetos. Maybe pee flavored.