Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Pubic hair is like underwear. Or so it may be as far as functionality, but society will be first to disagree. A year and a half ago I largely ceased wearing underwear when I started modeling on a frequent basis, and had a boyfriend who himself didn’t wear underwear of any sort. When I grew out my “art model appropriate shrubbery” as I like to call it, I decided it was even more unnecessary. Now that warm weather has returned, I may need to reassess this decision or be rather careful. So if you see a petite model at the side of the street with her dress blowing in the wind, you may think she is sans underclothes, but in fact she is wearing the most natural underwear of all. Don't worry, mom, when home I will be wearing family appropriate attire.

This entry was inspired by my overly short dress of the day. When it comes to shooting and driving days, I pay little attention to the properness of the clothing I wear. It all comes off at the shoot, and in my car, well, no one sees me anyway. I tend to wear black leggings underneath, but we all know that long, deep clothing marks on skin makes for a big nuisance when it comes to photography.

Photo by ixxxix.

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