Sunday, April 18, 2010


I am convinced creating the perfect schedule is never possible. First a trip seems too crammed, then too long. I recently extended a couple portions of my east coast trip. I would love to fill it all with shooting and exploration.

The cancellations in my trip have started to trickle in. These are to be expected with the job, but they never cease to disappoint me. Chances are if I have scheduled a shoot with one individual, I had to tell another person I was not available. For some reason certain dates and time become prime real estate for shooting. The temptation is to overbook to be sure a trip is adequately booked, but I refuse to risk working constantly and showing up exhausted. No one likes a model who really just needs to be sleeping.

Photo by Gary Bartoloni of The Light Registry. Faeries don't have worries, schedules, or work, do they?

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