Sunday, August 1, 2010

NYC...and Jersey

Thank you everyone in NYC for making this trip so fantastic. I will see ya'll in 2011!

I keep gushing about NYC, but no trip here is complete without at least a few shoots in New Jersey. My first time here I imagined traveling to New Jersey to be like a journey to a foreign land when in the city. Now I know that reaching New Jersey is really as simple as catching a bus or train, and really no different from heading to the Bronx or Staten Island in terms of time and difficulty. This is some of the art coming out of New Jersey. Photos by Michael Randazzo, Vincent Arthur and Michael Grapin.


  1. All three images show your wonderful versatility, Keira, and beauty. Glamour, art, and photographic magic illustrated in these 3. The image on the forklift is quite unique and very professionally done by both you and the photographer. And your lingerie in the top photo is lovely. Congrats on your work and further within New Jersey it is very beautiful. Shalom