Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Burning for the West

Photo by cx photography.
Model is Nomenclature.

Today I pack. This next month will be spent on the west coast, and I am working on convincing myself that sweaters and long pants are going to be of some use to me there - a task difficult to comprehend in sweltering 100 degree weather. I also am packing for Burning Man. There I plan on running around laden in a sunscreen bodysuit during the daylight hours, and in my version of funky outfits at night.

Yesterday I met the alt/fetish model Velocity at her photoshoot with my friend KMann Photography. She is a fantastic model and someone I hope to run into again when we are both at Burning Man and traveling around the country.


  1. Oregon is actually pretty warm through September and I know that's one stop on your itinerary - it can get cool at night though, so a sweater and long pants can be comfortable if you get cold easily.

  2. Thank you, bringer of good news. :)