Friday, August 6, 2010


Photo by Tortured Artist Productions

"Timing. The quality of our lives is hinged on timing. Good or bad."

This is true in work and play.

Although not my quote, I second this sentiment expressed by a photographer I would have liked to have shot with on an upcoming trip. My flurry of travels allows me to work with a number of people I never would have had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with, but sometimes the fates have it that a trip while well intentioned is set at the wrong time. Things go wrong, perhaps less than ideal plans are made. I continually hope that as time progresses I will line up my schedule with the flow of cosmos. How wonderful it would be to feel I am in the right place at all moments, rather than feeling as though I planned incorrectly. Now would be a lovely time to be working in Colorado, or still on the east coast, and yet I find myself stagnant in Texas. I must just wait, and soon enough the clock with continue spinning and fly me to another place.

I am taking the plunge and doing a little bit of international travel. And timing has me wrong. Or I have timing wrong. Tickets have not been bought, and I watch each day as the price trickles higher. At this point I either jump or wait, crossing my fingers, for a travel deal to show on my umpteenth search.

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