Sunday, August 15, 2010

Returning is good

Photo by Noel Marrero.

Returning to a city has many advantages. With each trip I grasp a better understanding of the transportation and am able to navigate (in often cases with public transportation) with much more ease. I am also able to continue working with friends and create stronger working relationships - I am convinced through ongoing collaborations work can and will continue to grow to new heights. Besides, both photographer and I know we like who we are signing up to work with.

Almost a year ago I shot with Noel Marrero in the Bay Area and just the other day we shot again. With him I feel shooting is a true collaboration. I was fixing my makeup when he was checking his lighting, and when I came back to join his light-test subject, we decided it would make for a great prop. Being in Texas for some time has taught me some appreciation for a good truck, even if I had to leave the boots behind.

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