Friday, August 6, 2010

Licking Videos

Photos by Art Tavee of NYC.

When I first told my mother about my art nude modeling, she proclaimed, "not licking videos!!?!" To this day I have not determined what exactly that means, but I am left pondering what sorts of things she watches online. This is my version of a "licking video," minus the video component, and any heightened sexual implications that I feel the phrase brings to mind. I almost feel compelled to do an entire series of said, "licking video" stills.


  1. Interesting term, new to me. Interesting images. A bit cat like, perched in the window, licking itself, a look of slight contempt for the viewer. It’s a great talent to do many styles well, including “licking video stills.”

  2. I find your still of this concept more erotic than what I had conjured up in my mind when I read the title of your post.

  3. I needed another lOOk..
    hope all is well beautiful...