Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rant in horror

Photo by Leo Ticheli of Birmingham, Alabama.

I sit and stare in horror.
I understand everyone has their kinks, but some things I just cannot wrap my mind around.
I am very liberal with my ideas of what art is and can be, and open to a diverse sexuality, but this is just not right.

My goal with my life now is to travel and create art - experiencing the world with only commitments to my family and friends, self and all the artists who chose to invite me into their world. Earning a living helps to do this, as a gas tank will not fill itself and I cannot turn water into wine. By deeming myself an "art model" I do enjoy other modeling, but the goal of all my shoots is to create art. Thus so, I cross myself off from the long lists of paysites which I could earn income from. I do not judge those who are on these sites, and think it is a great part of life that we all have our own comfort zones, but my intentions with my modeling does not allow for this.

Why do I rant upon this topic? Although it sometimes difficult to stand by my grounds and turn down a shoot when even a favorite photographer has morphed his photo usage, sometimes saying no is incredibly easy. With the type of site I recently encountered, saying no was of zero issue. What kind of content do I speak of? Snuff porn. (For this particular site to call itself "the Progressive Art Project," is just wrong on so many levels.)

/end rant


  1. I guess I’m kind of proud to say, I’m so not with it that I had to look up the meaning of “snuff porn.” An intolerable theme!

  2. Seriously. My blog rant was a much more concise rant compared to the verbal one I made in Houston.

  3. OK...curiosity got the best of me, and now I am stuck with images I wish were not there. Ugh! Good for you for remaining true to your art, which inspires us to be so as well.

  4. agreed! {on the rant}
    I do like the slave artwork painting though..very cool...