Sunday, August 15, 2010

Did I tell you?

Simplifying to lines and curves.
Photo by Frank Santabarbara of Cleveland, Ohio.

My computer thinks I am on the east coast, my body thinks I am in Texas, and my mind knows I am in California.

Tomorrow has been deemed a day to get things done before going out to play. Too many places swarm in and out of my mind, and I have a big trip to think about.

I am going to Australia incredibly soon. You didn't know that? Well, photographers in Australia do not know this yet, either. I believe this must be changed.


  1. Eventually, all of this will be unified. Hope that your travels are going well. You're missed in Kansas. Be well, Artful Nomad.

  2. Thank you, thank you. Travels are spectacular. Life is rich. Meet in the middleground from Kansas to Houston, in Oklahoma city?